Private Performance

Theater Dramatique can also perform at your theater or private location for two original performances.  The fee is L$5,000 for a 30 minute private show or L$10,000 for for an hour show.  The fee is to cover the costs of paying our set builders, dancers, costumes etc.  These are the requirements for Theater Dramatique at a private location:

  1. About 300-400 prims for sets and poses (can vary, lower or higher)
  2. Ability to rez for Dante Couerblanc and possibly one or two other cast members
  3. An open area where we can rezz our stage and props.
  4. Sim restart a few hours before the show. This is extremely important.
  5. No more than 40 guests present to control the lag – please limit the sim. Lag can cause our dance HUDs to malfunction. Please also ask your guests well in advance to copy, size, and remove scripts from their hair and shoes. Also their jewelry if it is copy. I have personally seen pairs of shoes with 300 scripts in them! Multiply that by the number of guests present and you can understand why lag is such a factor for us. We want to give you the finest performance possible so everyone can enjoy it.
  6. Provide the music as a YouTube video link that you want us to perform to…or if you are unsure we will assist you in creating a show.

If you are interested in having Theater Dramatique perform at your location, please contact Dante Couerblanc by note card so that we can discuss what you’d like to see and make arrangements.


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